• Children's & Juvenile
  • Practical Art / Fashion
  • Paidotribo
  • Let’s Get On With

    32 PAGES
    240 x 300 mm
    Hardback, paperback
    20000 CHARACTERS


    With some glue, water and paper you will be able to create endless handicrafts and recycle different kinds of paper, all at the same time. You will use newspapers, scrap paper, leftovers of wrapping paper, an many more in order to make the ideas included in this book come true and start exploring the fascinating world of papier-mâché.
    Each of the volumes in the Let’s Get on with… series includes 12 original and easy-to-make handicrafts which combine imagination, fantasy and utility. These activities are intended to stimulate and broaden the creative and learning skills of children in a fun way.