Parramón Paidotribo was formed at the end of 2011, when Editorial Paidotribo acquired Parramón Ediciones.

Parramón Ediciones was founded in the 1960s by artist and teacher of painting and drawing José Maria Parramón. He wanted to share his knowledge through books - and so his company first published Practical Art manuals, that Parramón Paidotribo maintains as some of its most recognizable titles. Parramón Ediciones later began to publish children’s books with an educational approach. It has focused on both domestic and international markets almost from the beginning.

Editorial Paidotribo was founded in 1985 by Emilio Ortega, who holds a Degree in Physical Education; a Diploma INSEP and an Honorary Doctorate in Sports Science from Kiev University. It’s easy to understand why the first titles on the Paidotribo list were sports books. The company has grown to become a leading publisher in this area. Paidotribo’s current catalog includes titles on physical education, medicine, health, educational games, fitness, bodybuilding and wellness for third agers. The company brand was launched in Mexico in 2006. In addition to selling books on behalf of its parent company, Paidotribo Mexico is a distributor for other publishers.

Together Parramón and Paidotribo serve a dual function - as a publishing company for the Spanish speaking market and a packager for other language markets, working directly with publishers in different countries or via their representative brands.