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    Minerals and fossils have always captivated our attention, because through them we can understand how our planet was formed and what happened in it millions of years ago. Minerals are geologically interesting due to their composition, structure and utility; moreover, collecting minerals is a highly pedagogical and enjoyable hobby.
    Fossils are even more fascinating since they are a way to reconstruct the flora and fauna of hundreds of millions of years ago, often in a very precise and faithful manner. Not only are fossils a way to know how those living species were, but also how they have developed through time. Although some fossils such as those belonging to dinosaurs are confined in museums and paleontological laboratories, many others may be easier to find and become part of a school or personal collection of great interest and devotion. This atlas provides us with information on the basic characteristics of fossils and minerals, as well as tips for those interested in being introduced to fossil collection and conservation.